Maximizing Your Church's Mission Engagement: A Guide for Churches

CBF’s guide, Maximizing Your Church’s Mission Engagement: A Resource for Mission Committees helps you get the best out of your investment and participation in God’s mission in the world. Download the full resource here or order printed copies for your committee here.

As congregational mission leaders, we are committed to

  • Becoming better stewards of God’s resources
  • Designing a more consistent approach to congregational decision-making about mission engagement
  • Sharpening our impact on the mission field
  • Deepening discipleship in our churches

The decisions facing congregations are becoming much more complicated in today’s context due to

  • Growing desires to participate directly in service
  • Unending funding requests
  • Shifting generational expectations
  • Heightened awareness of needs and crises
  • Evolving denominational structures

While these changes can be frustrating, they also provide leaders with great opportunities. Let's leverage the drive for hands-on ministry to renew our mission committees and leadership teams.

Maximizing Your Church’s Mission Engagement facilitates discovery through six brief movements. Download the complete resource here or order printed copies for your committee here.


A brief overview of the Maximizing Your Church’s Mission Engagement Resource:


First, effective congregational mission leaders move teams from budget planning to hearing and responding to God’s call.

Central questions:

  • How do your committee, leadership team and congregation pray for God’s mission in the world?
  • What are your ground rules when your group gathers?
  • Where does your congregation go for resources around mission engagement opportunities, your community, biblical and theological knowledge or heritage of your church?

Key resources: Prayers of the People, Prayer Associates and Mission Bites



Secondly, different committees and leadership teams have different purposes. Establish clear boundaries for your group by articulating your values and objectives.

Central questions:

  • What is your committee’s central concern?
  • What are your congregation’s guiding principles (values, beliefs and purposes)?
  • What biblical stories/themes/passages and other images of mission are important to your church?

Key resource: Mission Disctictives



Third, after setting ground rules and articulating your values as a congregation and leadership group, you are ready to talk about commitments past, present and future.

Central questions:

  • What are your present mission commitments? How did you come to have these commitments?
  • Do your present mission commitments match our present congregation’s values and passions?



Fourth, create a mission profile for your church that organizes and develops a visual presentation of your mission engagement. Example Mission Profile 1 and Example Mission Profile 2

Central questions:

  • What is your mission funding accomplishing?
  • How do the members of your congregation participate in the mission life of your community?
  • What value are you seeking to create among the communities in which you serve?



Fifth, discover creative ways to help your congregation celebrate missions.

Central questions:

  • How do you create engaging mission moments year round?
  • In what creative ways can you involve all generations in missions?

Key resources: Mission VideosMission Bites, Prayers of the People, Host a Field Personnel Speaker, Mission Collective, Witness Transformational Community Bible Study, Global Missions-Focused Bible Studies, Spark Curriculum, Form Curriculum and E3 Curriculum



Sixth, we challenge you to grow your mission participation. By leading your congregation to commit to long-term presence, you will enjoy the benefits of mutual growth locally and globally.

Central questions:

  • How can your church connect with mission partners both near and far?
  • How can you maximize your impact over the long-term?
  • How do you help your congregation pray for missions?

Key resources: Encourager ChurchShort-Term Missions, Offering for Global Missions, Pivot, Pilgrimission, Witness Transformational Community, Prayers of the People and Prayer Associates


In addition to our guide, Maximizing Your Church’s Mission Engagement, CBF offers church mission committees personal coaching and consulting services. Contact CBF about these services by emailing or calling 770-220-1611.

Check out Dawnings for a more comprehensive, church-wide process for congregational discernment.


Missions Bible Study: Witness Transformational Community

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