Prayers of the People


Designated a couple of years ago as the number one city for human trafficking in the United States, Houston, Texas, is a place of pain and suffering for victims of trafficking. The Department of Justice estimates that as many as one in four victims of human trafficking passes through Houston at some point during their trafficking experience. Major airports, one of the world’s busiest ports, the I-10 corridor passing through the city and the proximity to the Mexico border are all reasons for Houston’s prominence in the industry.

To address the issue, CBF field personnel Butch and Nell Green have helped to form a coalition of church and civic leaders between Texas gateway (border) cities and destination cities.

Pray for the work and advancement of the Coalition Combatting Human Trafficking Texas Gateway/Destination Cities (CCHT – TX). Pray for protection for pastors and leaders as they teach about and bring awareness to the issue. Pray that victims identified will be able to receive help and begin recovery. Pray for a greater awareness of labor trafficking, which is often overlooked. Pray for the Greens as they connect people and resources to bring an end to the purchasing and selling of human beings for the purposes of labor and sexual exploitation.


May 23-31 Birthdays

23   Cheryl Adamson, Conway, SC (CST)
23   Polly Barnes, Brandon, MS (CH)
23   Jared Neal, Atlanta, GA (CH)
23   John Schumacher, Smyrna, GA (CH)
23   Stephanie Vance (S-Decatur)
24   Harold Phillips (S-Heartland)
24   Paulette Porter-Hallmon, Spartanburg, SC (CH)
25   Brady Dennis (CST)
26   Valerie Hardy, Loganville, GA (CH)
26   Hunter, Thailand (FP)
26   Gerry Hutchinson (S-Decatur)
28   Kenneth LeBon, Fayetteville, NC (CH)
28   David Smith, Alpharetta, GA (PC)
29   Aleesa Naish, Birmingham, AL (CH)
30   Randy Ridenour, Norman, OK (CH)
30   Winston Shearin, Jacksonville, NC (CH)
31   Stacey Buford, Murfreesboro, TN (CH)
31   LouRae Myhre-Weber, Twin Bridges, MT (CH)
31   Kelley Woggon, Louisville, KY (CH)

CH = Chaplain
CST = Church Starter
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
S = CBF Staff Member

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