Prayers of the People


Ethiopia ranks as the third poorest country in the world and suffers from chronic and acute disasters such as drought and lack of access to safe drinking water. The most vulnerable people live in villages on the edge of existence, enduring incredible hardship in extreme living conditions.

In the midst of this suffering, God loves them and has decked them with "majesty and dignity" (Job 40:10). Unfortunately, many have forgotten this great reality and have become trapped with a mindset of dependency and hopelessness. Since 2006, CBF has assisted in the formation of over 500 Sustainable Living Teams (SLTs) to reverse the mindset at the root of extreme poverty and to offer opportunity and hope.

SLTs are primarily comprised of 15 to 20 of the poorest women who self-organize to learn new skill sets that will increase their income and general well-being. They voluntarily gather weekly to learn how to save and loan their own money in a safe place where trust and love can grow. A dynamic learning process is integrated into team life that helps restore personal dignity, respect, responsibility and leadership for the common good. Once this transformation begins, SLTs become eager to learn other critical behaviors such as drinking clean water, practicing good sanitation and hygiene, producing more food and linking with government and church resources that were initially out of reach.   SLTs are a great example of forming for transformation by cultivating beloved communities in the Spirit of Christ.


June 23-30 Birthdays

23   Andrew, 1998, Thailand (FPC)
23   Sarah Ballew, China (FP)
23   David Lowe, Fort Worth, TX (CH)
23   Helen McNeely, Emeritus (FP)
23   Dustin Payne, Houston, TX (CST)
24   Robert Fulkerson, Tulia, TX (CH)
26   Elias Crosby, Lilburn, GA (CH)
26   Michael Ferguson, El Paso, TX (CH)
26   Anna Jacks, Birmingham, AL (CH)
27   Alicia Lee, Macedonia (FP)
28   Michael Brainerd, Alexandria, VA (CH)
28   Roger Rich, Lexington, SC (CH)
28   Scott Sterling, Whispering Pines, NC (CH)
29   Kevin Adams, Cincinnati, OH (CH)
29   Jeni Cook, Poquoson, VA (CH)
29   Carrie McGuffin (S-Decatur)
30   Ira Campbell, Nashville, TN (CH)
30   Margaret Guenther, Richmond, VA (PC)
30   Amy Holtz, Richmond, VA (CH)
30   Gail McAlister (S-North Carolina)

CH = Chaplain
CST = Church Starter
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
S = CBF Staff Member

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