Prayers of the People


Sunday morning, the church in Chengdu was filled to capacity. It was a special day; forty people were being baptized. Forty new believers committing their lives to Jesus Christ! A few days later, Lisa, a deacon in the church, sent an email to the other deacons. She wrote that her heart was filled with joy as a result of the baptisms but sorrowful at the same time. Sorrow?

Lisa realized that the church was doing a great job of sharing the gospel, but it was not effectively making disciples. Many new believers were baptized but quickly "disappeared" from worship and Bible study. Lisa’s sorrow certainly reflects God’s own sorrow when we don’t grow in our relationship with God. She knows that the church must have a passion and plan for baptizing as well as making disciples, teaching all that Jesus taught.

Discipleship is now a great need among Chinese churches in Sichuan province. Following baptisms with vibrant programs of discipleship is a joyful challenge to have, but a challenge that must be met.

Pray for Chinese church leaders as they work to address this growing need. Pray that new believers will recognize baptism as the first step in their faith journeys and will develop commitments to grow. Pray that leaders for Sunday school classes, small group Bible studies and discipleship groups will emerge to help meet this need.

Pray for CBF field personnel Bill and Michelle Cayard as they seek to strengthen churches in China.


February 22-28 Birthdays

22   Stephanie McLeskey, Mars Hill, NC (CH)
23   Michelle Robinson, Columbia, SC (CH)
24   Danny Tomlinson, Belton, TX (CH)
25   Lindell Anderson, Fort Worth, TX (CH)
25   Rick Foster, Lynchburg, VA (CH)
25   Craig Janney (S-Decatur)
25   Mira Zivanov, St. Louis, MO (FP)
26   Christa Chappelle, High Point, NC (CH)
26   Rodney Craggs, Louisville, KY (CH)
26   Sheryl Johnson, Richmond, VA (CH)
26   Louise Mason, Richmond, VA (CH)
27   Linda Moore, Greenville, NC (CH)

CH = Chaplain
CST = Church Starter
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
S = CBF Staff Member

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