Prayers of the People


Anna and LaCount Anderson

Scotland Neck, North Carolina

Serving in Eastern, N.C., Anna (field personnel) and LaCount (engagement partner) work with Together for Hope, CBF’s rural poverty initiative, helping the homeless with food and clothing, and attempting to assist them with housing. The Andersons also counsel with the working poor. These neighbors have jobs but do not make enough money to pay for utilities and food. Living in one of the poorest counties in N.C. presents challenges. One great challenge has to do with the lack of funds to assist people with great need.

Pray for:

  • The Andersons’ wisdom and strength to meet the challenges of ministry in Halifax County
  • Resources that can help in their ministry
  • Those with whom the Andersons work will gain understanding of God and also how to take care of their health. Good nutrition is important


May 16-22 Birthdays

16 Lauren Bass, Cambodia (FP)
16 Lauren Hall, Wilmore, KY (CH)
16 Steven Harris, Salem, VA (PC)
16 John Reeser, Sautee Nacoochee, GA (CH)
16 Alex Ruble, 2001, Southeast Asia (FPC)
16 Barry Wright, Jacksonville, FL (CST)
17 Jennifer Call, Salem, VA (CH)
17 Robert Duvall, Lawrenceville, GA (CH)
17 Nell Green, Houston, TX (FP)
18 Clay Polson, Waco, TX (CH)
18 Greg Slate, Littleton, CO (CH)
19 Mary Ahn, Round Lake, IL (CH)
19 Gwyen Driskill-Dunn, Fort Worth, TX (CH)
20 Eddie Hammett (S-North Carolina)
20 Julie Perry, Charlottesville, VA (CH)
20 Marcy Thomas, Brentwood, TN (CH)
21 Carson Foushee, Japan (FP)
21 Pat, New Jersey (FP)
21 Ron Winstead, Emeritus (FP)
22 Jon Ivy, Tuscaloosa, AL (CH)
22 Gabe Lyon, 2005, Atlanta, GA (FPC)
22 Steven Unger, Emeritus (CH)
22 Travis Yelton, San Antonio, TX (CH)


CH = Chaplain
CST = Church Starter
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
S = CBF Staff Member



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