May16Steven Porter is the new Global Missions Coordinator at CBF. A former CBF field personnel, Porter was selected in 2014 to help Cooperative Baptists continue living out the missional call to share God’s love among the least evangelized and most neglected people around the world in the 21st century. Porter leads CBF’s 125 field personnel in the United States and around the world and the organization’s Decatur, Ga.-based Global Missions staff. “There are incredible people giving their lives away every day in some of the most difficult contexts imaginable through CBF Global Missions — but the same can be said of Christians in CBF congregations,” Porter said. “We must do a better job of learning from each other within and beyond the Fellowship to leverage that wisdom and wise practices to advance God’s reign in the world.”

Pray for Porter as he begins to lead CBF’s Global Missions efforts. Pray that God will grant him wisdom and strength in this new day. Pray for CBF field personnel, Global Missions staff, congregations and the many networks and communities that are touched by the missional work of the Fellowship. May this be a time of faithful creativity, generous collaboration and God-breathed innovation in the life of CBF Global Missions.


May 16-22 Birthdays

16 ________, daughter, North Africa (FPC)
16 Daniel Bland, Chelsea, AL (CH)
16 Steven Harris, Salem, VA (PC)
16 John Reeser, Sautee Nacoochee, GA (CH)
16 Alex Ruble, 2001, Southeast Asia (FPC)
16 Barry Wright, Jacksonville, FL (PLT)
17 Jennifer Call, Salem, VA (CH)
17 Robert Duvall, Lawrenceville, GA (CH)
17 Nell Green, Houston, TX (FP)
17 Filip Zivanov, 1998, St. Louis, MO (FPC)
18 Wayne Hill, Greenville, NC (PC)
18 Ciera Maas, 2003, Belize (FPC)
18 Christa Sfameni (S-Decatur)
18 Greg Slate, Littleton, CO (CH)
19 Gwyen Driskill-Dunn, Fort Worth, TX (CH)
20 Micah James, 1994, Haiti (FPC)
20 Julie Perry, Charlottesville, VA (CH)
20 Marcy Thomas, Brentwood, TN (CH)
21 Carson Foushee, Japan (FP)
21 Pat, New Jersey (FP)
21 Ron Winstead, Emeritus (FP)
22 Jon Ivy, Tuscaloosa, AL (CH)
22 Gabe Lyon, 2005, Atlanta, GA (FPC)
22 Steven Unger, Falls Church, VA (CH)

CH = Chaplain
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
PLT = Church Planter
S = CBF Staff Member



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