Prayers of the People

PrayKaren Alford serves in an area of Southeast Asia still rebuilding from the 2010 earthquake that wiped out many villages. With no doctors in the immediate area, Alford uses her training as a nurse practitioner to treat patients. She also works with local and national healthcare workers to facilitate a coordinated medical program. In addition, Alford partners with local organizations engaged in community development to improve teaching, farming and education.

Please pray for villagers and partners who continue to rebuild in the area. Ask God to give Alford wisdom, skill and endurance as she meets medical needs. Pray for the long-term health of vulnerable people in the villages. Pray for positive relationships in medical and community development partnerships.



July 16-23 Birthdays


16  Mark Hart, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX (CH)
16  David McDaniel, Kansas City, MO (CH)
17  Wayne Boyd, Honolulu, HI (CH)
17  Caleb, 1996, Thailand (FPC)
17  Cindy Meadows, Roanoke, VA (CH)
17  Leanna Pearse, St. Louis, MO (CH)
17  Kimberly Sheehan, Nashville, TN (CH)
18  Timothy Hunter, Gatesville, TX (CH)
18  Tom O’Neal, Charlotte, NC (PC)
19  Steven Hill, Knoxville, TN (CH)
19  Jason Pittman, Miami, FL (FP)
20  Tim Mayhall, Birmingham, AL (CH)
21  _______, daughter, Turkey (FPC)
21  Peter Arges, Durham, NC (CH)
21  Susan Lanford, Wichita Falls, TX (CH)
21  Twyla Nelson, Jackson Springs, NC (CH)
21  Keith Tekell, Beaumont, TX (CH)
21  Walter White, Arlington, TX (CH)
21  Lavonia Winford, Doraville, GA (CH)
22  Steve Abbe, Waco, TX (CST)
22  Dorothy Potts, Emeritus (FP)
22  Bonnie Reedy, Lumberton, NC (CH)
23  Butch Green, Houston, TX (FP)
23  Donald Proctor, Lubbock, TX (CH)
23  Mark Traeger, Peoria, IL (CH)

CH = Chaplain
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
PLT = Church Planter
S = CBF Staff Member


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