May23As a hospice chaplain, Steve Flowers serves families in Southside Virginia. Although the area has experienced hard economic times, the people remain resilient. Flowers has experienced their kindness and hospitality. He has witnessed Christ’s grace manifesting itself in the patients and families’ lives on a regular basis. This is not cheap grace, but a deeply felt and powerful transformative moment. He felt Christ’s presence in bringing meaning and purpose to hospice patients who were struggling with finding meaning. Likewise, he believes Christ has brought peace and comfort to family members who watched loved ones die and later grieved their passing. Throughout this season in life, Christ’s death and resurrection offer hope to those who are dying and grieving. It provides the necessary meaning to soften the pain of loss. Where there is hope, there is a time for healing and renewal.   Pray for hospice patients who are experiencing a loss of control over their lives. Please pray for each hospice patient to be reminded of their true identity as a beloved and cherished child of God.

Pray for the families of hospice patients.  Please pray that each family member is affirmed for their love and concern.

Pray for Steve’s co-workers: nurses, social workers, certified nursing assistants and doctors who provide thoughtful and compassionate care to both patients and families.  


May 23-31 Birthdays

23 Cheryl Adamson, Conway, SC (PLT)
23 Polly Barnes, Brandon, MS (CH)
23 Jared Neal, Atlanta, GA (CH)
23 John Schumacher, Smyrna, GA (CH)
23 Stephanie Vance (S-Decatur)
24 Harold Phillips (S-Heartland)
24 Paulette Porter-Hallmon, Spartanburg, SC (CH)
26 Valerie Hardy, Loganville, GA (CH)
26 Hunter, Thailand (FP)
26 Gerry Hutchinson, (S-Decatur)
27 Grace Freeman (S-Decatur)
28 Hardy Clemons, San Antonio, TX (PC)
28 Kenneth LeBon, Fayetteville, NC (CH)
28 Laurel Morrow, 1992, Aledo, TX (FPC)
30 Randy Ridenour, Norman, OK (CH)
30 Winston Shearin, Jacksonville, NC (CH)
31 Stacey Buford, Murfreesboro, TN (CH)
31 LouRae Myhre-Weber, Twin Bridges, MT (CH)
31 Kelley Woggon, Louisville, KY (CH)

CH = Chaplain
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
PLT = Church Planter
S = CBF Staff Member

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