Prayers of the People

PrayWith one of the most open immigration policies in Africa, Uganda is one of the few places where refugees are allowed to come, live and work. Therefore, Uganda has become a safe haven for more than 400,000 refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands due to continued war and conflict in their home countries in East Africa. Over 200,000 of these refugees are living in Kampala, Uganda.

Jade and Shelah Acker and Missy Ward-Angalla serve as CBF field personnel in Kampala, Uganda, ministering through Refuge and Hope International. Refuge and Hope seeks to help Kampala’s refugees rebuild their lives, realize self-sufficiency and become leaders in their communities by providing educational, professional, personal and spiritual development opportunities. Currently, there are more than 500 students enrolled at the Center of Hope, a refugee community center which provides English, computer and Bible classes. Refugees also have opportunities to gain needed skills through the vocational and business training programs. The Women’s Ministry Program supports individuals and families in crisis and allows vulnerable women and girls the opportunity to heal and be empowered through the Women’s Rehabilitation and Empowerment program.

Please pray for countries throughout East Africa that are still experiencing war and conflict. Pray for refugee students at the Center of Hope as they learn about God and the Bible and gain the skills and community support they need in order to live, heal and support themselves and their families.



November 23-30 Birthdays


24  Will Barnes, Savannah, GA (CH)
24  Carol Lynn Brinkley, Fayetteville, NC (CST)
24  Peggy Gold, Durham, NC (CH)
24  Will Manley, Johnson City, TN (CH)
24  David Posey, Medina, TN (CH)
24  Ruth Santos-Ortíz, Gainesville, GA (CH)
25  Gary Batchelor, Rome, GA (CH)
25  Tony Biles, Richfield, NC (CH)
25  Robert Cooke, Selma, NC (PC)
25  Ed Farris, Topeka, KS (CH)
25  Brad Hood, Knoxville, TN (CH)
25  Chan Shaver, Jamestown, NC (CH)
25  Sue Smith, Fredericksburg, VA (FP)
25  Lee Weems, Pineville, LA (CH)
26  Carol Fletcher, Athens, GA (CH)
26  Blake Hart (S-South Carolina)
26  Michael O’Rourke, Alexandria, VA (CH)
26  Charles Reynolds, Vicenza, Italy (CH)
27  Macarena Aldape, India (FP)
27  Posey Branscome, Charlotte, NC (CH)
27  Saul Burleson, Weaverville, NC (CH)
27  Joshua James, Salisbury, MD (CST)
28  Ronald King, Midland, GA (PC)
28  Abigail Parks, 2004, Slovakia (FPC)
28  Mark Tidsworth, Chapin, SC (PC)
28  Joel Whitley, France (FP)
29  Paul Mullen, Clemmons, NC (CH)
30  Rick McClatchy (S-Texas)
30  Lucas Pittman, 2003, Miami, FL (FPC)

CH = Chaplain
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
PLT = Church Planter
S = CBF Staff Member


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