Prayers of the People

PrayEvery day planes land at our airports, arriving from distant lands. Some of the passengers are arriving with a hope that this land will finally be a safe place to call home. 

They are like Felix, a new American whose story is similar to thousands of other refugees who have come to North Carolina.

It was a normal day, just another Thursday in their small African village. And then in the blink of an eye and with the sounds of gunfire his family was torn apart. He and his wife grabbed the hands of their children and fled in different directions hoping to evade capture and death. They spent the next five years apart with no word of the other’s safety, not knowing what had become of the other half of their family. 

Thanks to the work of refugee resettlement agencies, Felix and his children were resettled in North Carolina. They set up house and started over; half a home. Then, almost out of the blue, Felix got the call.

After five years with little hope of ever seeing his wife and other children again, a miracle happened. He gathered his children into the car. They made their way to the airport, parked and hurried in. After so many years, he saw them standing there. They were the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. The family was reunited near baggage claim while other travelers retrieved their luggage. It was a tearful and joyful reunion. Now their house is whole again.

Pray for the many like Felix and his family who are beginning over in your community. Pray for Kim and Marc Wyatt, CBF field personnel serving the needs of immigrants and refugees in North Carolina’s Research Triangle.



May 23-31 Birthdays


23  Cheryl Adamson, Conway, SC (CST)
23  Polly Barnes, Brandon, MS (CH)
23  Jared Neal, Atlanta, GA (CH)
23  John Schumacher, Smyrna, GA (CH)
23  Stephanie Vance (S-Decatur)
24  Harold Phillips (S-Heartland)
24  Paulette Porter-Hallmon, Spartanburg, SC (CH)
26  Jack Causey (S-North Carolina)
26  Valerie Hardy, Loganville, GA (CH)
26  Hunter, Thailand (FP)
26  Gerry Hutchinson (S-Decatur)
27  Grace Freeman (S-Decatur)
28  Hardy Clemons, San Antonio, TX (PC)
28  Kenneth LeBon, Fayetteville, NC (CH)
30  Randy Ridenour, Norman, OK (CH)
30  Winston Shearin, Jacksonville, NC (CH)
31  Stacey Buford, Murfreesboro, TN (CH)
31  LouRae Myhre-Weber, Twin Bridges, MT (CH)
31  Kelley Woggon, Louisville, KY (CH)

CH = Chaplain
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
PLT = Church Planter
S = CBF Staff Member


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