Prayers of the People

PrayMariam and Ray work among Bramong* people in Asia. Your support and prayers for them and the Bramong are a key component to their daily work. Their gratitude is offered up daily for that care.

The Bramong are a minority group (less than 10 percent) in their country; the vast majority of the population claims a different religion. A tremendous amount of misunderstanding exists between these two religious groups, and this has led to violence. Christian believers make up less than 1 percent of the population, and most believers originate from the majority group. Because of the political situation in the country, fear is a barrier that separates believers and the Bramong. To reach the Bramong, believers must learn to cross cultural barriers which are foreign to them. The cultural situation is quite similar to that of the Samaritans and Jews found in Scriptures. They have the same ancient roots but feel animosity toward one another. Jesus reached out to the Samaritans, and the local believers need to overcome their struggles toward the Bramong and change their hearts to match that of Jesus.

Mariam and Ray ask you to join them in prayer that the believers will catch the vision of God to reach out to the Bramong. The Lord longs for the Bramong to be God’s children fully. The Bramong are a wonderful and beautiful people, but they need Jesus’ love, grace and forgiveness to be the people God created them to be.

* a term that means “fishermen” in the local language



April 23-30 Birthdays


23  David Kolb, Lexington, NC (CH)
24  Brenda Atkinson, Greenville, SC (CH)
24  Rhonda Gilligan-Gillespie, Wichita, KS (CH)
24  Laura Mannes, San Antonio, TX (CH)
24  Travis Smith, Forest City, NC (CH)
24  Leslie Stith, Liberty, MO (CH)
25  Connie Graham, Fitzgerald, GA (CH)
25  Victoria Whatley (S-Decatur)
27  Pat Davis, Baton Rouge, LA (CH)
27  Carter Harrell, 1995, Kenya (FPC)
27  Pete Parks, Williamsburg, VA (CH)
28  Joy Hammond (S-Decatur)
28  Gary McFarland, Charlotte, NC (PC)
29  Ted Dougherty, Winston-Salem, NC (PC)
30  Joseph Caldwell, Alameda, CA (CH)
30  Melissa Neal, Floyd, VA (CH)
30  Charles Wallace, Fort Worth, TX (CH)

CH = Chaplain
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
PLT = Church Planter
S = CBF Staff Member


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