Apr23Spain is often thought of as a Catholic country. While its roots are both Catholic and Islamic, Spain now finds itself primarily secular. In Catalunya, the region of Spain where Matt and Michelle Norman serve as CBF field personnel, not only are people highly secular, they are extremely skeptical of both the Protestant and Catholic churches.

Dating back to the Inquisition and as current as the dictatorship of Franco which ended in the 1970s, the people of Catalunya have experienced first-hand the church at its worst, in search of power and control and exerting itself upon the people.

Pray that as the Normans engage their community, they will offer a new vision of the church as the body of the broken Christ full of grace and love for the people of Catalunya.


April 23-30 Birthdays

16 Kaitlyn Parks, 2006, Slovakia (FPC)
16 Victoria A. White, Richmond, VA (CH)
16 Kay Wright, Virginia Beach, VA (CH)
17 David Jones, Newberg, OR (CH)
18 Cyrus Bush, Pfafftown, NC (CH)
18 Ray Cooley, Wallingford, CT (CH)
18 Amy Derrick (S-Decatur)
18 Mason Jackson III, Fort Myers, FL (CH)
18 Nathan Solomon, Swansboro, NC (CH)
19 Michael Lee, Hendersonville, NC (CH)
19 Jack Wehmiller, Murrayville, GA (FP)
20 ________, North Africa (FP)
20 David Chan, Houston, TX (CH)
20 Susan Stephenson, Edmond, OK (CH)
22 Tere Canzoneri (S-Decatur)
22 Judith Grace, Temple, TX (CH)
22 Lucas Newell, 1997, San Antonio, TX (FPC)
22 Barry Pennington, Blue Springs, MO (CH)

CH = Chaplain
FP = Field Personnel
FPC = Child of Field Personnel
PC = Pastoral Counselor
PLT = Church Planter
S = CBF Staff Member

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