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Lay LEADERS OF ALL AGES Caribbean Mission Immersion

Pivot Puerto Rico is a learning immersion experience for lay leaders of all ages that include six studies exploring God's mission in the world ahead of 4.5 days of Caribbean cultural acquisition and reflection in Puerto Rico.

February 15-19, 2018

Cost:  $300 plus air-travel  (limit 50 particpants) 

The deadline to register is January 5, 2018.

This development event challenges traditional thoughts and beliefs about God's mission in the world and our role in that mission. Many of us have participated in short-term mission trips and wondered both about the impact on the local community as well as on our team. From the mission preparation, on-site experience and pivoting back home, this experience will help train and equip leaders to think critically about mission engagement internationally, regionally and locally.

This is not a vacation. We will be "off resort" and live simply. Lodging will be simple and safe. Meals will be taken in community among local leaders and activities will focus on the rhythm of local's lives.  This endeavor is geared toward adult lay leaders of all ages.  Students can find service opportunities here.  Ministers are welcome when accompanied by members of their congregation!  Please download and review the Important Information brochure below.    




Stage 1: Preparation

STAGE 1 GOAL: Intentionally form a theology of mission that becomes a foundation for the team's mission service. 

Before each person sets off, individuals begin a personal study entitled "Why Practice Mission?" related to cultural training, missiology, leadership, spiritual formation and the unique ways in which CBF engages on mission. This stage follows the books, Pivot: Turning Teams Toward God's Mission Near and Far as well as When Helping Hurts.  You will also be invited to two live webinars with Pivot leaders (Dates TBA).  Participants will receive a free copy of Pivot when they register. 

Stage 2: On-site Engagement

STAGE 2 GOAL: Learn, listen, practice and reflect on the realities of mission ministry in a non-familiar environment. 

Your will be organized into smaller teams to engage on-site with local leaders during your short-term assignment February 15-19. This is not a traditional "mission trip" as teams may have done in the past. Each day, the primary tasks of the team are to listen, learn and practice. In addition to possible service ministries, individuals will learn the context, read the community and map assets.

Stage 3: Pivoting home

STAGE 3 GOAL: Reflect, transfer and practice what the team learned in your local community.

After visiting CBF mission partners and examining your theology of mission, you will take what you have learned about how to practice mission and set your sights on a vision of home. At home, you are challenged to continue the process of unpacking what you have experienced over 5 private studies and journaling experiences. This stage challenges you to bring what you've learned through Pivot to your own congregation through renewed leadership. 

For Questions or group registrations email engage@cbf.net or call 770-220-1611

Unit Study Resources

Stage 1, Unit 1: "Missionary God" (P. 19)

Stage 1, Unit 2: "Global Missions at CBF" (p. 23)

Global Missions at CBF from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on Vimeo.

Stage 3, Unit 4: "Mapping Community Assets Workbook" (p. 92)

Stage 3, Unit 6: "Luke/Acts: The Work of the Spirit" (p. 98)

LukeActs: The Work of the Spirit from The Missional Network on Vimeo.

Stage 3, Unit 6: "Pentecost: A Geriatric Movement?" (p. 98)

Pentecost: A Geriatric Movement? from The Missional Network on Vimeo.

Stage 3, Unit 6: "Luke 10: So Now what?" (p. 98)

Luke 10: So Now What? from The Missional Network on Vimeo.

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