Steve Clark & Annette Ellard

Location: Louisville, Ky. ClarkEllard

Commissioned: 2006

Steve Clark and Annette Ellard minister in Louisville, KY, among Karen refugees from Burma. The Karen, who began resettling in the United States from refugee camps in Thailand in 2006, have suffered through nearly 60 years of civil war and persecution at the hands of Burma's military rulers. Due to the historic influence of Baptist missionaries, about forty percent of the Karen are Christian. Steve and Annette--along with Crescent Hill Baptist Church where they are members--are welcoming a growing group of Karen refugees and helping them adapt to life in the United States.

Also, Steve and Annette use their professional skills in video production to produce video resources that help share the gospel, support the work of other CBF field personnel and communicate the missions story to CBF partner churches.

"Everyone has a story to share. We often have been amazed at how a video camera and a notepad convey our genuine interest and invite people to openly tell us about themselves. This creates an opportunity for us to talk about our faith and God's love for them," Steve and Annette said.

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