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Life Pack is Launching August 2018. Please complete the contact form below for updates.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with CBF in God’s work through Life Pack, a program of CBF disaster response. CBF disaster response mobilizes members and networks seeking to help communities after a devastating event. Many of our resources are directed to the long-term recovery, rehabilitation, and resiliency of a community after first-responders have finished their work. Through donations, volunteering, and with Life Pack, you can partner with individuals who have experienced a devastating event and are now in crisis.

Life Pack provides an opportunity for you to accompany those in crisis by gathering key resources that will be helpful during disaster preparedness and recovery. The contents of your Life Pack will be combined with resources on the ground to help provide power for emergency communications, water filtration, light, and temporary shelter while also attending to minor medical needs and promoting spiritual solidarity.

Life Pack teaches all participants the importance of human dignity and solidarity in Christ and loving one’s neighbor while offering an invitation to life in community.


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