CBF Church Planters in Texas

Brady and Shelley Dennis are co-pastors of a new CBF church start in Georgetown, Texas.  Their church, Convergent Fellowship restores hope to those overlooked by the Church by providing a place of healing and restoration through gathering, worshiping and living life together.  Brady and Shelley are reaching out to the arts community, the retirement community and the de-churched.  They have two daughters in college, Katy and Cassie and one teenage daughter at home, Callie.  They presently meet for worship once a month in their home, and have a weekly Bible study that meets in a public space in the community.  If you are interested in joining or supporting their work, contact Rick McClatchy at 210-488-8169 or

Together For Hope


Together for Hope, CBF’s rural poverty initiative, is gearing up for next year’s work along the border.  A wide variety of projects are available along the border from Harlingen to El Paso.  To plan a trip for your church’s mission team contact Jorge Zapata, Associate Coordinator for CBF TX, at 956-873-1537 or

CBF TX and CBF West Partnership


CBF Texas is working with CBF West to support the growth of CBF in the western half of the USA.  This partnership will focus upon finding Texas churches who would like to send mission teams to work with CBF West or to help with a new church start in the west.  To get involved in this partnership contact Glen Foster, CBF West Coordinator, at 520-991-0948 or .  Also, CBF TX is providing funding to assist churches in partnership projects in the west. For more details about funding contact Jorge Zapata at  956-873-1537 or .  


CBF Volunteers

Through the past spring and summer, 86 mission teams with 1395 volunteers worked in 14 countries or regions. Texas had the largest number of mission teams from any state with eight.  Those mission teams from Texas included four university student teams (Baptist University of the Americas, Baylor, Howard Payne, and Texas Student.Go Now) and four church teams (Wilshire BC, FBC Brownwood, Andice BC, and Temple Bible Church).  These volunteers worked 75,438 hours.


The figures above do not include the work of Together for Hope, CBF’s rural poverty initiative that works in the 20 poorest counties of the USA (seven of those counties being along the Texas border with Mexico). During that time frame, Together for Hope had 49,890 volunteer hours contributed.

The value of all these volunteer hours would be estimated in value to be $1,879,920.  This would not include any other material contributions used on the projects.  If your church would like to send a mission team to work on a CBF project, contact Jorge Zapata, CBF TX Associate Coordinator of Missions, at 956-873-1537 or

Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching


Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) is asking churches in the month of February to invite a woman to preach.  This emphasis helps to introduce churches to the future possibilities of having a woman pastor, and for those churches that already have women regularly preaching in their church, it is a chance to encourage women preachers that often have less opportunities and support than their male counterparts.

If you plan to participate in this emphasis but need help in securing a woman preacher, here are some suggested contacts that might could assist you:

  • Pam Durso at BWIM 404-513-6022
  • Ellen Di Giosia for Texas BWIM (Woodland BC 210-493-4501)
  • CBF Partner Schools in Texas—BUA, Logsdon, Truett and Brite
  • Texas Baptist Universities 

After securing your preacher, BWIM asks you to send your church’s name and guest preacher’s name to Ashley Robinson at  For more information on Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching, visit the BWIM website—

Texas BWIM Meeting

Texas BWIM will host its first annual Women in Ministry Conference on February 19-20, 2016 at Truett Seminary.  The proclaimers for the event are Katie McKown, pastor of Scottsville Baptist Church, Scottsville, VA and Wanda Bolton-Davis, founder and executive director of Victorious Disciples Ministries, Dallas, TX.

Maston Lectures


Will Willimon is the featured speaker for the Maston Lectures at Logsdon Seminary on February 22-23, 2016.  CBF TX will sponsor a workshop on The Church’s Ministry of Advocacy on Monday afternoon, which will be led by Stephen Reeves, CBF Associate Coordinator of Partnerships and Advocacy.  Included will be a panel discussion with Stephen Reeves and Anyra Cayno regarding payday lending.

CBF Days at Partner Schools


Each year CBF makes a special visit to our partner schools to meet with students and faculty.  The dates for the visits this coming year are Truett on February 23, BUA on March 8, and Logsdon on March 10.  





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