Offering for Global Missions

This is time of year that many churches make a major effort to support CBF Global Missions through an annual church offering.  For our CBF field personnel or missionaries, this offering is absolutely essential for their ministry.  It provides the resources that keep them on the field and fund their projects.  In the future, this offering will become even more important under our new funding model for missionaries, which will provide the salary, housing, and benefits for all of our field personnel.  This is a great step forward, providing more financial stability for our field personnel. Therefore, we will need to be even more creative in our promotion of the Offering for Global Missions (OGM), which goes entirely to support our field personnel.

A committee for CBF Texas worked to discovery best practices of how Baptist churches are trying to improve their collection of the OGM and also how other denominations are promoting their mission offerings.  Here are three creative models that churches can consider.

One Major Annual Mission Offering:  Churches using this model devote and entire month to missions.  This includes multiple special events throughout the month, e.g. mission fair, mission banquet, mission Sunday school lessons, missionary testimonies during worship, mission sermons, recruitment of mission teams.  The mission offering collected during this special focus fund not only the OGM, but other mission ministries in which the church is involved.  The advantage of this approach is that it requires only one mission offering per year; thereby, preventing donor fatigue and it allows the church to make a really deep focus upon missions.

$1 to $250 Envelope Offering:  This is an approach in which offering envelopes numbering from $1 to $250 are distributed to the congregation.  Each congregant selects an envelop that he or she is able to give, e.g. a child might select a $2 envelop and an adult might select $175.  If you distribute the 250 envelopes you will collect $31,375.  This is what Woodland Baptist Church, San Antonio did, and it more than doubled their OGM.  The strength of this approach is that it encourages everyone to participate at a level they can do, and it teaches younger Baptists to give to missions. 

Christmas Gift Matching Offering:  This approach challenges church members to match their mission offering giving with the same amount of money they spend on Christmas gift giving.  Mike Slaughter, a Methodist minister, uses this method, and it has radically increased his church’s mission giving.  Another side benefit of this offering is that it has encouraged people to be less commercialistic in their Christmas celebrations and refocused their Christmas celebration upon being a religious holiday.  

Texas BWIM & CBF TX Share Staff Person  

Anyra Cano was hired as contract staff person for Texas Baptist Women in Ministry and CBF Texas.  She will be working to reach out to Hispanic women and younger Hispanics on behalf of both organizations.  She is a graduate of BUA and DBU, and has work experience with Buckner.  Most recently, she worked with CBF National/Global on payday lending reform.  She is a member of Iglesia Bautista Victoria en Christo, Ft. Worth, where her husband, Carlos, is the pastor.  She will be working at the CBF booth at the BGCT annual meeting. Please come by and meet her.  

Strong Participation at CBF Meetings  

CBF Texas had two regional events this fall.  The first was an Interfaith Contemplative Prayer Conference at First Baptist Church of Austin, and the second was a Mission Collective gathering at Trinity Baptist Church of San Antonio.  CBF Texas also participated in the Preaching Practicum sponsored by Wilshire Baptist Church of Dallas.  These three events drew over 110 participants.  

CBF TX Grants

CBF TX is offering three grants of $1,000 each to assist churches who wish to participate in the New Baptist Covenant initiative "Covenants of Action" which are designed for two Baptist churches of different traditions to come together and address a pressing need in their community.  The grants are to be used in the early planning and discerning phase as the two churches develop a plan of action, e.g. visiting another community that has addressed the same issue, attend a conference that could train churches how address the issue.  Contact Rick McClatchy for more info at

Mission Projects

Together for Hope—A wide variety of projects are available along the border from Harlingen to El Paso.  To plan trip for your church’s mission team contact Jorge Zapata at 956-873-1537 or and obtain a letter of intent for sending a mission team.  Construction grants are available for teams choosing a construction project.

CBF West—CBF Texas is partnering with CBF West to support the growth of CBF in the West.  Mission teams are needed to help in various projects and to help start new churches.  To send a team or help a new church, contact Glen Foster, CBF West Coordinator, at 520-991-0948 or 

CBF Youth Mission Tour--A special Together for Hope project in 2017 will be a youth blitz week, July 23-30, in Donna Texas. This will be one of the national CBF Youth Mission Tour sites.  Youth will engage in mission projects in the area, such as VBS, construction, or block parties.  There will be time for youth fellowships, and the week will end with a evangelistic outreach event with the speaker Nicky Cruz.  Adult teams may participate in this week too.  Contact Jorge Zapata for more details at 956-873-1537 or





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