2018 Educational Tracks

Wednesday Opportunities: 

  • Leadership Institute with the Rev. Dr. Jerusha Neal
    Any who are called to preach are encouraged to attend the Leadership Institute for a presentation and dialogue with the Rev. Dr. Jerusha Neal, Assistant Professor of Homiletics at Duke Divinity School, where her emphasis is “Preaching and the Global Church.” Dr. Neal’s scholarly work examines the action of the Spirit on the performative borders of body and culture.

  • Calling All Executive Pastors, Church Administrators and Finance Committee Members!
    CBF is hosting professionals from CapinCrouse and HighGround Advisors for a day-long series of workshops. Come network, learn about issues such as taxation and investment strategies and solutions while earning Continuing Professional Education credits.

  • Pastors Combo
    Attend the morning session with executive pastors and administrators for current information on taxes and finances applicable to your local church and then move to the Leadership Institute for an afternoon of homiletics.

  • Reimagining Evangelism with Dr. Steven Porter
    What if we could replace the outdated images associated with evangelism and help our congregations make the Good News, actually good news? Join Dr. Steven Porter, CBF Coordinator of Global Missions, in this imaginative workshop on how we understand the Gospel and how every congregation can engage its neighbors in the more authentic way of Jesus.

  • Pastor Search Committee Boot Camp with Craig Janney
    This training program is designed to equip search committees with best practices throughout the process of search and call. Using the innovative “Searching for the Called” workbook, you will learn the essential tasks of a search team, find tools to assist your work, gain perspective from ministerial candidates, and receive coaching throughout the process.



Worth & Shape: Worship in Evolving Contexts

Cumberland G
Dr. Randall Bradley is director of Church Music at Baylor and has been a minister of music since 1978. Rev. Jared Slack was born in 1982, knows a handful of guitar chords and just started an experimental worship service. Both have opinions about liturgy, and as you might expect, take differing approaches. Come discuss a theology of worship dynamic enough to embrace the evolving nature of church, without spiraling into more conversation about music style.

Facilitators: Jared Slack, Minister of Missional and Spiritual Formation, First Baptist Church, Austin, Texas; Randall Bradley, Ben H. Williams Professor of Music and Director of the Church Music Program and the Center of Christian Music Studies in the School of Music at Baylor University, Minister of Worship, Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, Texas


Baptists and Reverse Missions: Migration, Gender, and the Shape of the Baptist Future

Cumberland B

Migration and mission are central to the Baptist story. While the Baptist message was spread worldwide, thousands of immigrant Baptists brought back to the United States contextual versions of the faith taught to them by U.S. missionaries. This panel will deal with the history and contributions of Latina/o Baptists in the U.S.

Facilitators: John Finley, Executive Director, Baptist History and Heritage Society; Nora O. Lozano, Professor of Theological Studies and Director of the Latina Leadership Institute, Baptist University of the Americas; Joao Chaves, Lecturer, Baptist University of the Americas


Leadership in Our Multicultural Context

Cumberland K

What are the particular challenges of leadership in a multicultural context? As the U.S. demographics continue to shift toward greater diversity, are there unique skills leaders must demonstrate? Theological education and churches who prepare for these new forms of community will flourish and more fully represent the Body of Christ.

Facilitator: Molly Marshall, President and Professor of Theology and Spiritual Formation, Central Baptist Theological Seminary


Transitioning Congregations Inwardly so They Can Focus Outwardly: As Easy As ABCD
Cumberland C

Asset Based Community Development is a theoretical approach that focuses on local assets or strengths as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. Asset mapping is biblical and is found throughout Christian Scripture. Congregational asset mapping can result in creating a healthy and holistic community ministry.

Facilitator: Gaynor Yancey, Professor and Director of the Center for Church and Community Impact, Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University, Waco, Texas


Collegiate Mission; Not Just Ministry
Cumberland E

Serving, engaging and growing college students as Christians requires us to see this endeavor as an opportunity to reach an un-reached people group, rather than just giving a safe place for our own students. Shifting our focus is our hope for the future of Christ's church.

Facilitator: Wanda Kidd, CBF Collegiate Ministries Specialist


Through Brokenness to Healing: Building Resilience Through Beloved Community and Daily Practices

Cumberland A

Much of the work of Global Mission field personnel centers around bringing healing to broken lives, whether it is from human trafficking, sexual violence, disasters, poverty or marginalization. We often do not notice the pain and suffering of those around us and they may not notice ours. Many of us keep it well hidden. This workshop is for the broken and the healed, for laity and clergy. Together, we will look at tangible ways we can walk through brokenness to healing.

Facilitator: Cindy Ruble, CBF Field Personnel, Malaysia and Indonesia


Advancing a Jesus Worldview

Pegasus A

So-called “biblical” (or Christian) worldviews are redefining Christianity in terms of narrow doctrine and political ideologies, often at the expense of Jesus. The emerging Jesus Worldview Initiative seeks to refocus and reprioritize Christian commitments on following Jesus as the highest allegiance above all others.

Facilitators: John Pierce, Executive Editor/Publisher, Nurturing Faith; Bruce Gourley, Writer/Online Edition, Nurturing Faith


Cultivating Resilience in Ministry

Pegasus B

Are you a clergyperson whose energy for ministry is flagging in the face of difficulty? In this workshop participants will learn how to build up their resilience in ministry through leading with authenticity, handling feedback constructively, and tending to joy, thereby preparing themselves to thrive in their calling.

Facilitator: Laura Stephens-Reed, Clergy Coach and Congregational Consultant


Women's Conferences: Bringing the Community Together

Sanger B

How can community partnerships come together and create a substantive, life-changing conference experience for ALL women?  After 13 years of successful organizing and executing community based women's conferences in several states, this workshop offers a proven plan to reach and engage ALL women for Christ!

Facilitators: Jane Lyon, _______; Kristen Tucker, Associate Pastor, Spiritual Development and Communication, Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.


Creating Space for Brave Conversations about Race in the Church

Cumberland L

For generations, many churches have remained silent on the issue of racism, but this is changing. Through the New Baptist Covenant, churches are leaning in and tackling one of the major sins of our time — racism. Learn what you can do to create "brave spaces" in your congregation to address the issue of racism and to prepare your church to do the work of racial justice.

Facilitator: Hannah McMahan, Executive Director, New Baptist Covenant


Church Engagement
Cumberland I

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Facilitators: Ruth Perkins Lee, CBF Director of Church Engagement; Joshua Speight, CBF Manager of Leadership Development; Ryan Clark, CBF Manager of Global Resources; Craig Janney, CBF Manager of Reference and Referral


Practicing Fearless Compassion in an Age of Anxiety

Cumberland J

In the face of some in our culture who foster fear and foment anger, the church is called to share the gospel with fearless compassion. Workshop leaders will explore some practical ways that churches and mission efforts today are courageously working toward transformation, reconciliation, and hope in our troubled world.

Facilitators: Bob Ellis, Dean of Logsdon Seminary, Hardin-Simmons University, Abilene, Texas; Katherine Ellis, M.Div. student at Princeton Theological Seminary & former Student.Go missionary; Laura Ellis, M.Div. student at Boston University School of Theology and former Student.Go missionary


Reclaiming the "E-Word": Evangelism for the Postmodern Church

Cumberland H

This workshop will reframe the baggage that comes with the word “evangelism” into a new definition that prompts us to live out our missional call to love the world in word and deed with zeal. Grounded in the Holy Spirit, this new evangelism is brave, holy and radically incarnational.

Facilitator: Jenna Sullivan, 2017 CBF Vestal Scholar and seminary student at Wake Forest University School of Divinity


Awakening the Congregation to Sacred Justice

Moreno A

This workshop explores a new “Awakening” model for educating people of faith about justice issues. The model honors different learning styles and perspectives. This interactive workshop is designed for all who want to learn and engage the critical issues of our day.

Facilitator: Chrissy Williamson, Associate Minister, Myers Park Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.


Complex Conversations
Moreno B

This workshop will help you gain knowledge and understanding about palliative and hospice care. It will enable the attendee's to better deal with a crisis be it family or otherwise by having the conversation about end of life and having the tools to have the discussion peacefully, lovingly and graciously.

Facilitator: Gina Biddle

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