Ways to Give

Mission, Vision, Values…made real by generosity

There are many ways to express your generosity. Some are simple – some are complex. Here are the most frequently used options:

Outright Gifts

Cash, stocks or bonds, real estate, or life insurance can be used immediately to fund endowments for the ministries you specify. You may decide to fund an endowment today so you can enjoy watching the ministries you love flourish. However, it is always important to be sure you retain enough assets to take care of yourself and your family.

Gifts by Will

Many people continue making regular gifts while living and wait until the end of their lives to make special gifts when they no longer need their assets and have already made provisions for loved ones. Having a will is the most basic step in accomplishing this. Virtually everyone needs a will no matter how simple one’s estate may be. There are multiple ways to make a gift in your will to support your favorite ministries: bequests, living trusts and testamentary trusts.

Planned Gifts / Life Income gifts

For many donors, a "life income" gift is the best choice. Life income plans provide an income to donors, or the individuals they designate, for life, or for a fixed number of years. Life income gifts are created when a donor invests assets (cash, stocks, family business, real estate, etc.) in a charitable trust or a charitable gift annuity. The charitable trust or annuity then pays an income to the donor for life or for an agreed-upon number of years. At the end of the trust or annuity agreement, the remaining assets are given to the ministry(ies) designated by the donor. When charitable trusts or annuities are used to establish endowments, they not only provide permanent financial support for vital ministries, but often provide attractive income and estate tax deductions as well. Only the assets guarantee the income from a charitable trust in that specific trust. However, the income from charitable gift annuities is guaranteed by all assets of the organization that accepts it. In addition, a portion of the payment from a gift annuity may be non-taxable. Assets used to fund charitable trusts or annuities are given irrevocably and may not be retracted. Some examples of life income plans are:

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