Endowments are a powerful tool for providing stable, permanent financial resources for ongoing ministries. An endowment gift is one of the most tangible demonstrations of your commitment to CBF’s vision of being the presence of Christ.

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What is an endowment?

An endowment is a permanent fund established for the ongoing financial support of vital ministries. An endowment fund is prudently invested with the goal of producing both current income to support the work of ministry, and long term growth in principal to protect against inflation and meet future ministry needs. Each year only a portion of the proceeds, or earnings, of the fund are used; never the principal.

How do I set up an endowment?

If you are passionate about a particular ministry of CBF, your church, or a CBF partner, and you want to help provide permanent financial support for that ministry, the first step to setting up and endowment is to talk with a CBF Foundation staff member. We will work with you to establish an Endowment Fund Agreement [see a sample] and assist you with the transfer of the assets you are considering using to fund the endowment.

What kinds of ministries can be supported by endowments?

Endowments are designed to be permanent sources of financial support for ministry. Any ministry which is permanent can be endowed. Ministries which are short term, or temporary in nature should not be endowed. For example, it would be appropriate to establish an endowment for missions field personnel support in general because CBF will always be involved in supporting missions. However, it would not be appropriate to establish an endowment to support a specific missions field worker because all field personnel will eventually end their individual service.

How much money does it take to start an endowment?

Currently an endowment can be started for any amount. CBF Foundation does not give public name recognition for endowments until they reach a principal value of $20,000. It is common for donors to establish an endowment with regular annual gifts during life while also making plans to complete the funding of the endowment with a bequest, or other planned gift as a part or their estate plans.

How can endowments be funded?

Nearly any asset of value may be used to fund an endowment as long as that asset may be sold and converted to cash and invested to produce income. Endowments are funded with outright gifts of cash or other assets such as; stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, valuable collectables, or “paid up” life insurance. In addition to outright gifts of current assets, endowments may be funded by making a gift in one’s last will and testament (a bequest) or by establishing a planned gift, which provides lifetime income to the donor such as a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Gift Annuity, or a Life Estate gift of one’s home while still living in it.

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