Endowment Priorities

Field Personnel Wellness and Member Care

Once Global Missions field personnel are on the field, keeping them emotionally, physically, and spiritually well is a key component in helping them fulfill their calling, maximize their effectiveness, and protect the immense investment made by CBF in training and placement. Providing services such as medical, psycological, and pastoral care to keep personnel well is the most effective way to avoid crises and emergencies that could require them to leave the field. As long as there are Global Missions Field personnel, CBF will need the resources to provide wellness services. Our Wellness Endowment is currently in excess of $600,000. Our current needs would be met with an endowment of approximately 2.5 million.

Scholarships for Children of Global Missions Field Personnel

When CBF’s field personnel follow their calling and relocate their families to all parts of the world, one result is that their children almost never qualify for in-state college tuition. CBF provides scholarships for field personnel to compensate for this added family expense caused by the field personnel’s commitment to missions. With existing field personnel, CBF will provide approximately 10 to 25 scholarships each year for the next 1 to 5 years alone. Each $100,000 in endowment will provide an annual scholarship of approximately $5,000.

CBF Church Starts

Starting new churches continues to be one of the best ways to reach and serve people who are not part of a church family. CBF has started over 60 new churches in partnership with existing congregations.  For each $1,000,000 of endowed principal, CBF can start 1 - 2 churches per year — every year!

Global Missions Field Personnel Training

Effective training is the first step to maximum effectiveness once field personnel begin their work. CBF has a thorough, creative, and innovative training program to help new Global Missions field personnel hit the ground running. This need will remain critical for new missions personnel. Providing permanent financial support for training Global Missions Field Personnel is one of CBF's highest endowment priorities.

Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counselor Ministry

Chaplains and pastoral caregivers extend the ministry of CBF and partnering churches in unique ways by being the Presence of Christ in places and ways that churches often cannot. While endorsement is necessary for many chaplains, it is only the beginning of CBF’s relationship with those it endorses. CBF has a permanent commitment to provide supportive resources for chaplains and pastoral counselors similar to what Global Missions provides to its field personnel.

Scholarships for CBF Scholars

Each year CBF nurtures future leaders for Fellowship churches by providing selected students with scholarships for theological education at one of CBF’s partner schools. CBF Scholar awards are currently $5,000 per year. An endowment of $100,000 will endow one CBF Scholar per year.

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