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 ChurchWorks creates space for renewal in ministry through practices of creativity, community and worship. To teach the people of God, educators need a place to be equipped, to be inspired, and to be renewed. ChurchWorks is a 3-day event for all practitioners of education and spiritual formation in the congregational setting.

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 Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL
February 20-22, 2017

with Dr. Matt Bloom, University of Notre Dame

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We work a lot. In America, we spend nearly half our waking hours - an average of more than 48 hours each week - at our jobs. We have fit everything else we do - going to the doctor, mowing the lawn, playing with our children, brushing our teeth, watching TV, eating, bathing, worshipping - into the other half of our time awake. What is all of this work doing to us? Are we any happier or more fulfilled? Do all these hours at our jobs improve our lives or the lives of those people we love and cherish? 

ChurchWorks 2017: Well-being in Ministry has asked Dr. Matt Bloom to join us in Jacksonville. Matt leads the Wellbeing at Work program at The University of Notre Dame in which he and his team study flourishing among the helping and caring professions - including ministers. Matt and his team believe that work can be engaging and impactful. Their research surfaces from a multidimensional understanding of the conditions that foster, or impede, positive work experiences, and the ability to be content, and flourish, in the short term, and over our lifetimes.

In Jacksonville, the ChurchWorks planning team has invited Matt to lead us in understanding his research regarding Flourishing in Ministry.  Focused on the wellbeing of clergy and their families, Flourishing in Ministry examines what motivates pastors and priests to be engaged in ministry -and what disrupts them from experiencing wellbeing in their work. In their research, they attempt to explore how clergy - often working with lean resources - can give so much to others, and experience a sense of fulfillment and growth in their daily work lives. 

Listen to Dr. Bloom share about the Wellbeing at Work Program's call to action

Listen to Libby Davis Manning, Pastor of Mission Outreach (ELCA) in Indiana, share about why Flourishing in Ministry matters

Listen to Kim Bloom, Senior Research Associate with the Wellbeing at Work Program, share about why she wished this researched existed, including the value of mentors, when she was a young minister

Listen to David-McAllister-Wilson, President of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC share about how this study helps seminary’s shift from focusing on the decline of the Church toward thinking on what is going well with the Church

Listen to Chris Adams, Director of Vocational Ministries at Azusa Pacific share about how practical the research is for young people answering a call to vocational ministry

ChurchWorks 2017 is the start of a three-year arc on the well-being of ministers, congregations, and communities. As networks of Christian Educators, we want to consider the factors that help us to flourish in ministry; to thrive in order to do our work well and live out of our calling to serve God and the people in our contexts. Join your colleagues in Jacksonville as we consider the well-being of the minister and practical applications for thriving in your context. Come to be equipped, to be inspired, and to be renewed.

2017 - Ministerial Well-being: Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

2018 - Congregational Well-being: Trinity Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX; February 26-28, 2018

2019 - Community Well-being: Location TBD: CBF Heartland 


"ChurchWorks matters because it is imperative that associates have safe, creative, intuitive space to think and grow around issues, questions and realities directly influencing and shaping their ministry and the church." - Molly Brummett Wudel, Co-Pastor, Emmaus Way Church (North Carolina), and Campus Minister at UNC Cooperative Baptist Student Fellowship



Regular: $75 
One day registration: $30
Currently enrolled at a CBF Partner Seminary: $30
Registration closes on February 10, 2017
Registration for ChurchWorks 2017 has closed.


CBF Ministry Networks Package
Network meetings will have access to advanced catered lunch options.
The Panera catering option includes boxed signature sandwich with chips or boxed salad with bread,
along with a cookie and a drink (water or sweet/unsweetened tea) for $14 per person.
Network participants will make and pay for their order online. Register your network by January 15th.
Click here for more info.
Network leaders will provide the lunch order link to their network participants.
Lunch orders may be finalized by February 13th.

SCHEDULE (subject to change)

10:00AM - CBF Networks (click here for more info)
1:00 PM - ChurchWorks Registration Opens
2:00 PM - Welcome and Opening Worship
3:00 PM - Session 1: Insights for Ministers from the Science of Wellbeing with Dr. Matt Bloom
4:30 PM - Small Groups
5:30 PM - 2017 ChurchWorks Award Presentations 
6:00 PM - Dinner Groups in Jacksonville

9:00 AM - Coffee & Exhibits Open
9:15 AM - Morning Prayers
9:30 AM - Session 2: Pastoral Identity with Dr. Matt Bloom
11:00 AM - Small Groups
Noon - Lunch at HABC in Jacksonville
1:30PM - Session 3: Life Practices for Sustaining Wellbeing with Dr. Matt Bloom
2:30 PM - Small Groups
4:00 PM - Worship
5:00 PM - Dinner in Jacksonville (on your own)

9:00 AM - Coffee & Fellowship
9:30 AM - CBF Networks (click here for more info)
11:00 AM - Worship
Noon - Benediction


 "ChurchWorks provides the space and opportunity to worship, collaborate, and fellowship with other clergy. What a refreshing experience to actually get to worship rather than plan worship!" - Merianna Harrelson, Co-Pastor at Ministrieslab, and Editor at Harrelson Press




Each year at ChurchWorks, two CBF ministers are recognized with the following awards.  
To nominate someone for either award, please email Josh Speight.


The CBF Young Baptist Leadership Award is presented annually to a young Baptist, clergy or congregational leader, who represents a growing interaction with and support of the Fellowship. This person has a demonstrated ministry to peers and colleagues of every generation. The recipient has also engaged the Fellowship in leadership and servanthood. The award is given to affirm the recipient, to encourage the younger generation of Fellowship Baptists, and to excite the continued interaction among the generations.

2010 - Amy Grizzle
2011 - Jen Van Camp
2012 - Josh Speight
2013 - Jeremy Colliver
2014 - Carol England McEntyre
2015 - Julie Long
2016 - Lawrence Powers


Jack Naish was a lifelong learner and career Minister of Education. Even in retirement Naish continued to teach, share and challenge adult learners and ministers. Naish's long and distinguished career saw him active in church and denominational life, being recognized by his peers in the Baptist Association of Christian Educators for outstanding leadership and acheivement. He was the long-time Minister of Education at Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta.

2001 - Terry Hamrick
2002 - Prissy Tunnell
2003 - Findley Edge (posthumously)
2004 - Michael McCullar
2005 - Nancy Burke, Carolyn Shapard
2006 - Mary Jayne Allen
2007 - Tommy Bratton
2008 - Jill Jenkins
2009 - Karen Metcalf
2010 - Fran Patterson
2011 - Hal Melton
2012 - Tom Allen
2013 - Robert Bowman
2014 - Terri Byrd
2015 - Jeff Pethel
2016 - Cynthia Insko






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