Deacon Ministry

Deacon Ministry

CBF, in partnershp with Transforming Solutions, is proud to provide churches with the following monthly newsletters as a resource for deacon ministry.  Here you'll find lots of helpful information for planning, evaluating, and conducting deacon ministry.

January 2009 - Deacon Ministry: React or Respond?
December 2008
- How Deacons Can Help Break Through the 300, 400 Barrier
November 2008
- How Size Informs Structure
October 2008
- Creative Funding of Ministry
September 2008
- Making Shifts Without Making Waves
August 2008
- Dealing with Uncommitted Deacons
July 2008
- The Challenges of Ministering to New Members
June 2008 - Creating Come and Go Structures (continued)
May 2008 - Creating Come and Go Structures
April 2008
- How Much Church Is Enough?
March 2008 - Missional: Being Peacemakers or Peacekeepers?
February 2008 - “Why is Missional in Vogue Now?”
January 2008 - Creating Missional Ministries


December 2007 - When Cultural Realities Impose on Church Traditions
November 2007 - Checklist for Creating an Attractive Church
October 2007 - Ministry Desire & Management Focus?
September 2007 - Why Young Adults Leave the Church
                         & What We Can Do About It!
August 2007 - Building a Church That Transforms Lives
                    (Creating Disciples in a Busy World)
July 2007 - Deacon Nomination & Election Tips
June 2007 - 14 Challenges for the Church
May 2007 - Listening to Your Heartbeat: Life Lessons From My Open Heart Surgery
April 2007 - Deacon Ministry in the Summer Months
March 2007 - Lay Ministry is Alive and Well
February 2007 - Models of Deacon Ministry
January 2007 - Ministry Teams That Make a Difference


November 2006 - Management, Ministry, Mission Focused?
October 2006 - Deacon’s Role with the Lord’s Supper
September 2006 - Deacon’s Role with People in Need of Prayer
August 2006 - Deacons Role With Guests & New Members
July 2006 - Being Alone in a Crowded World?
June 2006 - The Crisis in American Churches
May 2006 - Leadership Challenges of Being Church With Spiritual Travelers
April 2006 - Giving Trends Among the Churched- 2006
March 2006 - Celebration: Part of Deacon Ministry
February 2006 - Deacons Ministering in an Age of Diversity
January 2006 - Issues Deacon Ministry Faces in 2006 and Beyond


December 2005 - Re-Careering the Church for 2006?
November 2005 - Being a Missionary in Today’s World
October 2005 - “To See the Next Step You Have to
                      Walk Through the Clouds”
September 2005 - Building Networks, Partnerships and Alliances
August 2005 - What Going on With Church Membership?
July 2005 - Transfers, Transplants and Tests
June 2005 - Creating a Welcoming Environment in Your Church
May 2005 - Deacon Ministry & Small Groups?
April 2005 - Creative Ideas for Outreach in 21st Century World
March 2005 - The Power of Relationships
February 2005 - Deacon Ministry in a Missional Church
January 2005 - National CBF Partnership to Resource Deacons  

Deacon Ministry in a Missional Church, a special compilation of articles on doing deacon ministry in the missional church by Eddie Hammett.

Learn more about Eddie Hammett's book, Reaching People under 40 while Keeping People over 60 and read endorsements.  A resource for church leaders and church members. The book is filled with practical and proven ideas for churches who desire to minister effectively to all generations without isolating or ignoring any age group.

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