ChurchWorks 2018 Information

Churchworks 2018 HOST CONGREGATION

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Trinity Baptist Church - TriPoint 
Community Event Center
3233 N St Mary's St
San Antonio, TX 78212

The TriPoint Event Center is a full service meeting facility with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and presentation capabilities. The venue is ideal for conferences, expos, lectures, training's, meetings, and social gatherings.

churchworks 2018 KEYNOTE PRESENTER

Dr. Jon Singletary, Dean of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work
Baylor University, Waco, Texas

2018 Theme: Congregational Wellbeing

The theme for ChurchWorks 2018 is Congregational Wellbeing, building upon CBF's three-year arc of wellbeing for the minister, the congregation, and the community. Dr. Jon Singletary will be with us in San Antonio to help us discover the signs of wellbeing for congregations.  Building upon the ideas of nurturing the soul of our congregations: balancing heart, head, and hands; Dr. Singletary will help us to understand why congregational wellbeing matters for clergy and laity. As Dean of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work, he has gifts in congregational community ministries, community development, and advocacy & social justice ministries.  Dr. Singletary is the co-director of the Strengthening Congregational Community Ministries Project. While with us at ChurchWorks 2018, Dr. Singletary will focus on how Baylor's School of Social Work can partner with congregations for resourcing and support. Additionally, he will weave together the usefulness of the Enneagram, of which Dr. Singletary is a trained faciliator through the apprentice program led by Suzanne Stabile.

ChurchWorks Sessions Overview:

Churches have personalities, much like individuals. According to Enneagram wisdom, and most psychological work on personality, humans have three centers of functioning: thinking, feeling, doing. Congregations and our communities, really have similar functions. And, both at the individual level and community level, we function in ways that tend to pefer one of these centers. We might not describe our congregations in quite the same language, but can we understand some of them as being more feeling oriented? Thinking oriented? Or doing oriented? What are the pros and cons of being this way? What is gained and lost? And, how do we achieve balance in our congregations as we seek to balance these centers?

1. Overview of Heart, Head, and Hand Theme; Focus on Heart
2. Balancing the Centers; Focus on Head
3. These Centers in Organizations and Communities; Focus on Hand
4. Soulwork


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