Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Ministries

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship currently has more than 650 endorsed chaplains and pastoral counselors who are actively serving in a variety of specialized settings. CBF-endorsed chaplains serve in each branch of the United States Armed Forces, medical centers, correctional institutions, hospice organizations, police, fire and rescue departments, colleges and universities, businesses and industries, retirement communities, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Civil Patrol as well as in many other specialized settings. CBF-endorsed pastoral counselors serve in counseling centers, interdisciplinary settings and on church staffs.

CBF also provides endorsements for membership in various professional organizations, including the Association of Professional Chaplains, American Association of Pastoral Counselors and the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

Learn more about CBF Chaplaincy and our legacy of 1,000 endorsed persons by watching the video below!

CBF Celebrates 1,000th Endorsement from Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on Vimeo.

Are you seeking endorsement?

CBF’s Council on Endorsement considers applications three times per year. Applications for new endorsement from CBF will be considered at the council’s meetings scheduled as follows:

• March 4-5, 2016 (application deadline Jan. 20, 2016)
• July 29-30, 2016 (application deadline June 17, 2016)
• November 4-5, 2016 (application deadline September 23, 2016)

The requirements to seek endorsement may be found here. In order to apply for endorsement, the first step is to speak with Gerry Hutchinson, the CBF Endorser of Chaplains and Pastoral Counselors. To connect with the Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Office and to begin the process of endorsement, please fill out the form below.

Updated endorsements, requests for board certification letters and renewal letters, as well as additional information updates are accepted at any time. The application for updated endorsement can be found here. (Do not use this form if you are seeking initial endorsment.)

To contact our office directly, call (770) 220-1654 or email

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