How we work

How we work

Team Driven
CBF Global Missions is a team driven organization. This means decisions are made at the point closest to the action. We view our work as taking place in a “world without borders” meaning teams may include personnel in different countries, even continents. Teams reach decisions by coming to consensus and team members hold each other accountable through a monthly reporting template and six month covenants. Twice a year, our teams gather for face to face team meetings.

Guiding Principles

  • Consensus as our basic model for decision making


  • Focus on catalyzing, mobilizing and cooperation with other Christians.


  • Decision-making as near to the points of accountability or impact as possible for effectiveness.


  • Global, not provincial


  • Respect and utilize each person's unique gifts


  • Empower and equip basic field personnel units to be successful


Meet our teams

Area Coordinators for Mission Teams
• Dean and Karr La Dickens, Dallas, TX
• Becky Smith, Atlanta, GA
• Allen and Verr Dean Williams, Cross Cut, TX

Albania-Balkan Ministries/Ukraine Team
• Alicia and Jeff Lee, Skopje, Macedonia, Albanian ministries, education
• Bob and Janice Newell, Athens, Greece, PORTA, Albanian ministries
• Gennady and Mina Podgaisky, Kiev, Ukraine, children at risk ministries

Berber Team
• 2 workers, N. Africa, agriculture, development, micro-enterprise
• 2 workers, N. Africa, Berber work

China Team
• Larry and Sarah Ballew, Macau, English as a Second Language (ESL), evangelism
• Bill and Michelle Cayard, Chengdu, networking, education
• Kamille Krahwinkle and Mikeal Eyraud, China, ESL, education ministries
• Brenda Lisenby, Hong Kong, networking, special needs and children
• Gabe Orea, Xiamen, China church support

Arts, Advocacy, Development and Education Team
• Cindy and Eddy Ruble, SE Asia, education, relief and development
• Jonathan and Tina Bailey, SE Asia, arts
• Karen Alford, SE Asia, medical

Romany Team
• Rachel Brunclikova, Czech Republic, Romany work
• Keith Holmes and Mary van Rheenen, Netherlands, Romany translation/media work
• Dianne and Shane McNary, Kosice, Slovakia, Romany work
• Jon and Tanya Parks, Kosice, Slovakia, Romany work
• Ralph and Tammy Stocks, Budapest, Romania, Romany work

India Team
• Eddie and Macarena Aldape, Pune, India, Banjara work, development, children
• Sam Bandela, Atlanta, GA, India networking/development and relief

Internationals (Europe/N. Africa) Team
• Janee Angel, Antwerp, Belgium, immigrant ministries
• David and Julie Brown, Marseilles, France, immigrant ministry
• Anjani and Jimmy Cole, Soria, Spain, church planting
• Matt and Michelle Norman, Barcelona, Spain
• Joel and Tiffne Whitley, S. Spain, immigrant ministries

Internationals (East) Team
• Annette Ellard and Steve Clark, Louisville, KY, media work; Karen refugee resettlement
• Fran and Mike Graham, Asheville, NC, Slavic immigrant work
• Butch and Nell Green, Houston, TX, church training, Muslim focus
• Greg and Sue Smith, Fredricksburg, VA, Hispanic ministry
• Mich and Pat, New Jersey, international ministry
• Mira and Sasha Zivanov, St. Louis, MO, church planting, refugee work

Internationals (West) Team
• Aaron and Stephanie, Los Angeles, CA, student work; human trafficking
• Karen Morrow, Aledo, TX, refugee ministry
• Lita and Rick Sample, San Francisco, CA, international ministries;human trafficking
• Fran Stevenson, Freemont, CA, international ministries, Afghan immigrant focus
• Kim and Marc Wyatt, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, international ministries

Latin America/Caribbean Team
• Linda Cross, San Antonio, TX, Latin American advocate for leadership development
• Bekah and Blake Hart, Arica, Chile, children, discipleship, education
• Nancy and Steve James, Haiti, medical work
• Jenny Jenkins, Haiti, medical work
• Eric and Julie Maas, Belize, Baptist Training Center, development work
• Diann Whisnand, McAllen, TX, community development, leadership training

Middle East Team
• Chaouki and Maha Boulos, Lebanon, Mideast outreach and human needs ministries
• 2 workers, Turkey, agricultural/relief work, Kurdish work

Southeast Asia Team, N. Thailand
• Duane and Marcia Binkley, USA/Thailand, Karen ministries
• Cindy and Ryan Clark, Philippines, education
• Kirk and Suzie, Thailand, translation and education
• Hunter and Mary, Thailand, education

Sub-Sahara Africa Team
• Jade and Shelah Acker, Uganda, relief, development ministries
• Melody and Sam Harrell, Nairobi, Kenya, youth, development
• Lori and Tim Myrick, Kijabi, Kenya, medical work
• Caroline and Josh Smith, Johannesburg, South Africa, HIV/AIDS work, community development
• Mark and Sara Williams, Johannesburg, South Africa, children, social work, church planting

Transformational Development Team
• Anna and LaCount Anderson, Scotland Neck, NC, ministry to homeless
• Cecelia Beck, Shelby, NC, social worker/outreach ministries
• David and Merrie Harding, Orlando, FL, international disaster response, development
• Ben and Leonora Newell, San Antonio, TX, poverty and development work
• Paula Settle, Eastern KY, poverty and development work
• Karen and Kenny Sherin, Columbia, MO, poverty and development work
• Fran and Lonnie Turner, Capetown, South Africa, poverty and development work
• Wanda Ashworth Valencia, Homestead, FL, Open House Ministries, poverty/children

Urban Team
• Ronnie Adams, New York City, NY, Rauschenbusch Center, Metro Baptist Church, HIV/AIDS ministries
• Jen and Trey Lyon, Atlanta, GA, ministry coordinators, Grant Park area
• Angel and Jason Pittman, Miami, FL, Touching Miami with Love, urban ministry
• Maner Tyson, Waterbury, CT, Waterbury Baptist Ministries, community outreach

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